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"உண்டி கொடுதோரை உயிர் கொடுத்தோராகப்"

The Vellum Velanmai Foundation was established by agriculture graduates with the primary goal of enhancing the lives of farmers, youth, and women. Our primary focus is to promote organic agriculture and raise awareness about Agriculture, Horticulture, and Animal Husbandry among all individuals. To support farmers and those interested in agriculture, our Vellum Velanmai team offers a wide range of training programs related to agriculture and animal husbandry. Our journey is dedicated to embracing and preserving the beauty of nature


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“Beneficiaries who have gained from cattle farming training.”

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“Beneficiaries who have gained from Mushroom cultivation training.”

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“Beneficiaries who have gained from Beekeeping training.”

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“Beneficiaries who have gained from Coconut tree cultivation training.”

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“Beneficiaries who have gained from Terrace garden training.”

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“Beneficiaries who have gained from Sericulture training.”

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“Beneficiaries who have gained from Caring for bodhi tree.”

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Our Mission

Vellum Velanmai Foundation ims at fostering intellect, attitude, creativity and skill based agricultural professionals to be capable of undertaking agricultural and rural development, academic and research career to serve the farming community.

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Our Vision

To provide a foundation for life time learning,Vellum Velanmai Foundation is dedicated to fostering speedy intellectual growth, aesthetic appreciation, and character accomplishment among the farmers .Vellum Velanmai Foundation deeply intends to adopt a comprehensive approach since its beginning and has recognized the value of combining theory and field performance, with a rigorous education blending all disciplines agricultural sciences.

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Our volunteers are the driving force behind Vellum Velanmai Foundation, passionately contributing their time and skills to uplift rural communities through sustainable agriculture, education, and healthcare initiatives. Their dedication and collaborative spirit embody our mission to foster positive change and empower communities to thrive.